Weekly Flower

We have started to post a weekly flower on the website and our Facebook page.

Week commencing 18th July 2021

This week’s flower is the Yarrow, traditionally picked and put into shoes before a journey saying journey prosper. Its latin name is achillia named after Achilles who used it to stop bleeding of wounds in the trojan war. Courtesy of Fairley Taylor.

This weeks flower is the bird’s foot trefoil or craw’s taes in Scotland. It was traditionally used to cure cough. There is heaps of it about. It is small but not as small as herb Robert. Courtesy of Fairley Taylor.

Week commencing 4th July 2021

This week’s flower to look out for should be recognisable to all and much easier to spot than last week’s flower. The Foxglove Digitalis – which gives us the heart drug digitalis which regulates the heart beat . Traditionally used for thousands of years to treat the heart. Courtesy of Fairley Taylor.

Week commencing 27th June 2021

If you are out and about this week, here is a photo of a wild flower to look out for, courtesy of Fairley Taylor. It’s called Herb Robert and is a member of the geranium family. (it’s quite wee so may take a bit of finding!)